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Create contextual knowledge and counterparty intelligence from your trusted external data sources.


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Enable 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line of defense analysts across risk & compliance functions, including KYC, AML, Market Surveillance, and Fraud with counterparty intelligence for faster and accurate investigations.

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Are you experiencing the typical pains associated with dealing 3rd party data to conduct research and investigations:

Swivel Chair
Switch between systems to search across data providers.

Duplicate Data
Within and across the data providers.

Human Touch Intensive
Manually assembling and deriving intelligence from data.

Multiple Hops
Inability to investigate effectively beyond one hop.

Many Data Providers
Specialized data, volumes of data, not having all the necessary data in the same source, etc.,

Raw Data
Searching through the raw data files instead of cleansed data and intuitive user interface.

You need Entity Intelligence if you are:

Conducting KYC due diligence, either to onboard a new retail or commercial customer or ongoing reviews.

Identifying and verifying beneficial owner(s) of legal entity customers under the Beneficial Ownership Rule.

Investigating an alert/event/case generated by the transaction monitoring Systems for AML, Fraud, Market Surveillance, etc.,

Responding to 314a & 314b regulatory requests from law enforcement authorities and Department of the Treasury, and more.

Conducting Sanction Screening Reviews to verify names, or alias of those, on Sanction lists involved in financial transactions to detect financial crimes and comply with AML / KYC regulations.

Why you should consider Entity Intelligence:

Trusted Data Sources

We integrated billions of data points from your trusted external data sources, resolved entities, enriched data for counterparty intelligence, and created contextual knowledge. As a result, your organization will have access to high-quality data assets for people, businesses, addresses, and more for your investigations. With that, now you can see the 720° views of your customer or business entity assess the exposure for better and more accurate decisions whether you are onboarding them for the 1st time, doing continued due diligence, investigating a case.

Your trusted data sources include the following, but are not limited to:

OpenCorporates data of >90 million companies' information and their offices in the United States and globally

Dow Jones Trifecta data from Watchlist, State-Owned Companies, and Adverse Media datasets as one single file delivery which assist financial

ICIJ data - Data leaks on offshore havens & hidden riches of the world leaders & billionaires exposed by International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

PPP Loan data from SBA with the details including borrower entity, loan amount, and more.

Cube Smart data for business locations and corporate family member tracing

institutions in the fight against fraud, money laundering, illicit payments, and other illegal activities.

UPS location data to map self-storage and mailboxes entities

NAICS Data used for business classification

IRS data for 501C revoked entities

MRB data for Cannabis Entities

Dun & Bradstreet data for businesses

LexisNexis for vast swaths of consumers


Extensive Coverage

Now, you have all the entity information and its risk exposure, as well as the regulatory and publicly available information, all in one place

Entity Level Data Coverage
•Entity Formation Information
•Beneficial Ownership / CP
•Company Subsidiary
•Links to Associated Parties
•Corporate Structures

Entity Risk Coverage
•Sanction & Watch list
•Adverse Media coverage
•State Owned/Invested Entities
•Cannabis Related Businesses

Regulator/Public Info
•Revoked Business List (IRS)
•Offshore Inc (ICIJ)
•PPP List (SBA)
•Address Master (USPS/UPS)
•Filed SAR (FinCEN)

Entity Graph

Knowledge Graph is created by fusing and enriching data from several sources to uncover hidden and complex relations. Generate smart networks linking entities that adapt to your use case representing the hierarchies, supply-chains, associates, social connections, and more.
Uncover hidden and complex relations between entities and create contextual knowledge around them for better decisions.

Entity Analyzer

Entity Analyzer will use Senzing’s industry-leading entity resolution & network identification engine and analyze them using the configurable rules engine to enrich data for counterparty intelligence and create contextual knowledge. You can start applying investigative and pattern matching algorithms to find intelligence within and across the entity data.

Rules Engine

A configurable rules engine pre-configured to process KYC, AML, Fraud, Market Surveillance, Federal issued rules & guidelines such as SBA.

Senzing’s Entity Resolution & Network Identification Engine

This powerful Entity Resolution and Network Identification Engine, powered by Senzing Inc., ensures accuracy by leveraging the following:

  • Keeps track of the source records processed with Senzing
  • Internal keyed representation of unique records
  • Describe records that are part of the resolved entity
  • Describes the relationships between resolved entities
  • Describes the one-to-one relationship between entities, creating one relationship record per edge

Investigative and Pattern Matching Algorithms

Find Intelligence WITHIN & ACROSS data sources

  • Provides data summary for selected “data source”
  • Provides example/population that satisfies criteria
  • Provides cross-data summary between selected “data sources”
  • Provides example/population that satisfies criteria

Enable the investigator to

  • Get links from an entity to selected entity type if it exists
  • Get risky links from an entity to selected entity type if it exists
  • Get all possible links from an entity in all directions within proximity of defined hops, allowing for multi-hop analysis.
  • Get hierarchy for selected entity until defined levels

Entity Visualizer

Intuitively traverse their relationship with many filters through the network of entities and combine/expand nodes/relationships. Powerful, rich user interface that supports thousands of users and provides deeper search, exploratory, analytical, and investigative capabilities.

Capture Story as Evidence

Narrative functionality captures case narrative while traversing through the network and probing the relations with context. This feature provides the ability to capture entities, their connections, and associated data in the graph format along with analysts' comments. This feature saves analysts a significant amount of writing time as they don't have to narrate the details as the captured graph has all the details. It can integrate with CRM or Case Management tools for SAR filings, resulting in faster response time to regulators and accurate depiction of the evidence as a story.

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