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Investigate and Dispose Complex Financial Crimes Quickly, with Certainty

Entity Intelligence.
720° Contextual Knowledge.
Actionable Insights & Decisions.


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knode enables risk & compliance analysts across Financial Institutions and Government Agencies to investigate financial crimes quickly with certainty.

knode thrives by breaking the data & case management silos, providing counterparty intelligence, and establishing an accurate enterprise-wide view of risks.

knode dynamically creates the context of the entity under investigation, unfolds events as they occur, and enforces regulatory action with confidence.

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knode is for all the investigators across Risk & Compliance

1st Line of Defense


A centralized interactive analytical platform that brings the entity intelligence across all the risk functions into a single pane of view to – Investigate, Visualize, Capture and Enforce.

2nd Line of Defense

Risk Management Professionals

Identify new potentially developing risks, emerging patterns & their exposure to the organization leveraging proprietary pattern matching algorithm library with intuitive visualizations, layouts, and timeline view to unfold the event.

3rd Line of Defense

Internal Auditors/ Regulators

Accurately dispose of the alert, case, or event and explain the complex investigation using network relations as a storyboard as evidence.

Data Professionals

Data Scientists & Data Analysts

Scalable platform for advanced analytics for better monetization, add new algorithms, add new models for advanced analytics.

Our Solutions

Build once and re-use the same data assets for all the enterprise risk and compliance investigations

Entity Intelligence

Create contextual knowledge and counterparty intelligence from trusted external data sources.

Anti-Money Laundering

Elevate your Investigations Journey across Trade, Market, and Banks Correspondence AML functions

Know Your Customer

Modernize and transform your current KYC review process into perpetual KYC


Proactively detect and stop fraud before it happens and investigate fraud

Market Surveillance

Surveil the channels and systems to detect and stop misconduct & manipulation.


Create & enhance advanced risk models using AI/ML and add custom algorithms to the graph library.

Unified Enterprise Platform that solves all the Data Challenges

Data is abundant, but extracting contextual knowledge & insights is crucial.

Integrating the data from external & internal data sources, having a single pane view of resolved entities, ability to probe into the network to 7 degrees or more is helpful in detecting, resolving, & investigating the risks.

The platform that scales to handle your volumes of data & their complexities.

Entity Intelligence Engine generates smart entity networks and establishes the relations between people, places, and organizations to unlimited degrees.

Reduce compliance costs & cost of compliance

Break the data and case management silos; build collaboration amongst enterprise risk & compliance functions; provides a single pane of views of integrated data; rich user experience to investigate faster; find new threats and patterns; enable data professionals with advanced data science use cases.

Actionable Insights and
Decisions for your industry

Banking & Financial

Banking Institutions

Range of investigative solutions across all the risk & compliance functions for small, medium, and large banks and other financial institutions, including credit unions, lenders, investment banks, and more.

Government Agencies

Government Agencies

Range of fraud investigative solutions for all the federal agencies, including Homeland Security, Internal Revenue Services, Department of Justice, Waste & Abuse, Department of Treasury, and more.

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